Waste Management

Port Blair Municipal Council is doing door to door collection in 24 wards fetched over an area of 41.22 Sq.km. catering 1.5 lakhs population, lives in Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC), further PBMC in process to collect the municipal segregated waste 100% at source level from each households and other establishments. At present 23% of segregated waste are processed by vermin composting for wet waste, whereas the segregated dry waste such as plastic, glass, paper & metal waste are transported to mainland through authorized forms for recycling on value added revenue. PBMC is also in process to install Nisarguna plant developed by BARC of capacity 25MTPD, which will not only produce compost but will also generate electricity through biomethenation, for eradicating cattle nuisance PBMC floated EOI requesting from interested firms to regulate cattle nuisance as an extended responsibility of PBMC. Similarly for C & D waste EOI will be floated for processing through able firms. PBMC’s main focus is to achieve 100% collection transportation and processing of daily generated Municipal waste through revenue returns model as adopting recycling with maximum utilization of eco friendly techniques.

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