The permission to errect any board, hoarding or banner for the display of advertisement are granted in accordance to PBMC Advertisement Byelaws 1999 also read with PBMC Advertisement (Amendment) Byelaws 2012.

The Advertisement Charges /Fees are as under:-


1. Display area upto 20 sq.ft. = Rs. 9000/- + land rent Rs. 900/-. 2. Display area exceeding 20 sq.ft.and upto 100 sq.ft. = Rs. 27,000/- + land rent Rs. 4,500/-. 3. Display area exceeding 100 sq.ft. and upto 200 sq.ft.= Rs. 54,000/- + land rent Rs. 9,000/-. 4. Display area exceeding 200 sq.ft. = Rs. 54,000/-+Rs. 500/additional sq.ft. + Rs. 50/additional running ft..


1. Banners of size upto 6’x 3’= Rs.180/ upto three days & Rs.20/for Successive days. 2. Banners of size above 6’ x 3’ = Rs. 360/upto three days & Rs. 50/for successive days. In the month of December 2016 the Port Blair Municipal Council has decided to license the hoarding site through open bid. Since then the PBMC has issued license to the successful bidder through open tender as many as 112 sites. The details of licensed sites are at Annexure-I.

Officals to contact:

For Banners:

Shri. Vjjay Prasad Tiwari, Sanitary Officer, PBMC, Ph: 03192-245034, 9932083100

For Hoarding:

Shri. V. Jayakumar, Architect, PBMC, Ph: 03192-234513

Shri. A.K Paul, Executive Engineer (Road Wks),PBMC ,Ph.03192-231161

Shri. Deepak Chandra More, Surveyor, PBMC,Ph: 9531895730

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