Property Tax

1. During the year 2017, the Port Blair Municipal Council has introduced Unit Area method for Property tax assessment. In the new method, Property tax is calculated on the basis of factor like location `of the building, construction and usage of the properties i.e., Commercial or Residential purpose. Prior to introduction of Unit area method, the property tax was calculated on Rental value of the property, as no such calculation method is prescribed in the Port Blair Municipal regulation and Bye-laws to arrive the Rent value of the Land and Building. To assess the Rental value of the building or Property was completely dependent on the Assessor, and there was a possibility of biases. To avoid this, the council has introduced Unit area method. In Unit area method, no changes has been made on the rate of taxes ie. 10% of Annual Rental Value on building and 3% on Land, only the difference are to arrive the ARV, the unit area method is used. In this method, Self Assessment Form was also introduced (Annexure-I).

The present procedures are as under:-

I. Property Tax :

1. First, the citizen submits the Self Assessment form in the counter, and get the acknowledgement and the citizen are asked to visit the office after 03 days.
2. The received Self Assessment Form are filled online in the e-nagarsewa website and accordingly property ID is generated for such property.
3. After 03 days, the citizens come to office and pays the Property tax in the counter showing the Property ID and get the online receipt.


1. If any citizen or Institution wants Domestic and Commercial Water tap connection, first they apply in a plain paper requesting for requirement of Domestic and Commercial Water Tap connection, accordingly Tap connection form is issued after payment of Rs. 50/- per form.
2. After the filling the Form the citizen or Institution submit the form to Revenue Section and after that, the Revenue Section will check for any dues with the citizen or Institution applied for tap connection. The dues if any are collected and the filled form is forwarded to Accounts Officer, PBMC and then the same is forwarded to AE (Water), PBMC. Accordingly, the JE(Water), PBMC inspect the site and submit the estimate of the new tap connection. 3. On the basis of the report, the Revenue Section collects the tap fitting charges from the Citizen/institution and issue a Water ID number through e-nagarsewa website.
4. The revised charge of the Domestic and Commercial Water is enclosed (Annexure-II
5. The payment of Domestic and Commercial Water charges are collected through e-nagarsewa website online. No manual receipts are issued to the Citizen for Water Charges payment.


Conservancy charges is collected along with Domestic Water charges from the Citizen @ Rs. 25/- per month per earning person. The Notification is enclosed. (Annexure III). As per the decision of the council, the Conservancy fee is not collected from the new wards i.e,. from 19 to 24. The copy of the resolution is enclosed (Annexure IV).


Port Blair Municipal Council has 1100 Nos of Municipal Shops. All Market shops were allotted Shop ID through e-nagarsewa website. The payment of rents are collected through Cash, Cheque/DD, POS only and Issued online receipt to the tenants. The Axis Bank gateway for payment of Rent is also introduced and around 05-06 transactions were also done by the tenants. The Rent of shops are enhanced at the rate of 5% every year in the month of July. During the year 2017, interest of 18% was also imposed on the delay payment of rents. In addition to this, 18% GST is collected from the tenants.


As on date, the Axis Payment Gateway facility is allowed for payment of Municipal Shops rent through e-nagarsewa website, the payment gateway for other service like. Property tax, Water and Conservancy etc will be done shortly.

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